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lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Nuevas fotos de Paris Jackson (6 de Agosto 2012).

Estas fotos han sido publicadas por Paris Jackson el dia de hoy lunes 6 de agosto 2012, en su instagram: @thatjacksonchickk

Me alegra que Paris tenga muy precente aun a su padre Michael Jackson, no solo en su memoria sino tambien en sus cosas, esta foto muestra que ne su pared tiene vastantes y muy lindas fotos de el y que decea conservaslas. ¡A mi me gustaria tener tantas fotos de Michael en mi pared!

3 comentarios:

  1. I admire you for your courage I also lost someone who was like my father and is very difficult I understand my name is Pia I'm from peru I always like to now the music of michael jackson I admire the three, I hope you read this little message is wholeheartedly :)

  2. and good is that the person who lost now in heaven and miss him very much but s eque'll do everything to make you feel happy of the things I like I do live with my mother both overcome the bad times as esque would advise you always realices what t egiusta and if you still feel the emptiness of michael jackson your good father that he'll be happy to see your happiness

  3. is that you managed to overcome many blessings I send all three as far reiterate that always admire your courage